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Compliment your gaming mouse with the Razer Scarab gaming surface.

November 21, 2012 1 comment

Razer RZ02-00420100-R3U1 Scarab Gaming Surface Mouse Pad

Razer RZ02-00420100-R3U1 Scarab Gaming Surface Mouse Pad

I recently posted about the Razer Naga 2012 gaming mouse that has become my new “main mouse”. In addition to the new mouse, I’ve also upgraded to the Razer Scarab precision mouse pad. To be honest, I’d never replaced my mouse pad before purchasing the Scarab. I had always just assumed that “a mouse pad was a mouse pad”, and that the one I’ve always used would always be good enough. When I originally purchased the Naga, I wasn’t noticing the “razor sharp precision” that reviewers on the internet had talked about. I thought the mouse tracked about as well as any other mouse — it was decent, not great. I’ve always had issues clicking small interface or game options with precision at very high screen resolutions. I’ve always needed to turn down pointer speed or mouse sensitivity to maintain a smooth experience, and the Naga was no different. It had never occurred to me that my mouse pad could be the issue.

Now that I’ve upgraded to the Razer Scarab mouse pad, I understand what “razor sharp precision” means. The Scarab is a hard-surface mouse pad with a texture designed to aid in movement and tracking. Not only is very little effort needed to move the mouse on this surface, the action is completely “drag” free. I can turn all my sensitivity options up to the max and still maintain perfect accuracy. The mouse feels as if it’s floating over the surface of the mouse pad — very similar to the way paddles glide across an air hockey table. There’s almost no resistance, which means you’re free to make very small, very precise fingertip movements at high sensitivity consistently. If you’re upgrading your mouse, I strongly recommend you upgrade your mouse pad as well. Take advantage of the advanced optics and tracking featured by modern gaming mice with an appropriate gaming surface like the Scarab. The Scarab is available for $30.54 at, here:  Razer RZ02-00420100-R3U1 Scarab Gaming Surface Mouse Pad