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Welcome to BLT’s Blog / Google Product Search Changing for the Worse.

Welcome to Bottom Line Telecommunications‘ blog.  We’re excited to introduce this new service, especially created to engage and interact with our customers and colleagues.

We plan on using this blog to delve into products, point out exceptional deals, and interact with you on a variety of topics. But, we won’t just be pushing the products we sell.  In fact, in this (our very first)  post we’re going to discuss a change Google is making, with which we vehemently disagree.

Google plans on removing your ability to find all kinds of products from all kinds of merchants at the best possible prices. Google currently does this through their “Product Search” feature.  Google Product Search is currently accessible by clicking the “Shopping” link on either the left side or top of their site.  This changes your search from a regular web search, to a specific search for products.

Currently, Google Product Search is free to all merchants.  They simply supply Google with a specially formatted file, and the merchant’s products can usually be found in a few days.  This service has been free since its inception, and has greatly helped consumers find the best deals on items from thousands of competing merchants.

But, all of that is going away.

Google plans on switching to a paid listing model, completely eliminating Google Product Search, and calling it “Google Shopping”.  Using Google, consumers will no longer be able to find the best deal on items.  Instead, they’ll be presented with the products from the businesses that are willing to pay Google the most to even show up in the results.  Additionally, we’ve found that Google won’t allow companies selling certain items, who currently participate in Product Search, to even buy their way into this new program.

BLT thinks that this change does nothing to benefit anyone, but Google.  They have the right to do that, but they also have a responsibility to play fairly. Google has  already been heavily criticized recently by companies such as NexTag and Yelp for biasing their “organic” search results to negatively affect their competitors and thousands of small businesses.

This additional change will greatly hurt the US economy by negatively impacting even more small businesses.  It will make Google’s product results biased and useless.  And, it will force an increase in the price you pay for items (the money to cover Google’s charges has to come from somewhere).

Inevitably, the small businesses, which drive the US economy, will be squeezed out by their inability to financially compete with the heavy hitters. This change is bad for Google, bad for you, bad for small businesses, and bad for the US economy.

If you agree, we ask that you sign this online petition started by someone not related to our company.  Perhaps, if we all unite against this change, Google will listen.

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  1. Bob
    June 28, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Glad to see you guys finally started a blog! Good article on the change at Google. Sounds like the only thing this change is going to improve is their bottom line (no pun intended!) I signed the petition for whatever good it’ll do.

  2. Hal
    July 19, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    I like your new blog and and have put it in my favorites to check it and your great website shopblt.com regularly to make purchases, like I did today. I signed the petition today and got and email back from Justin the organizer. I have decided to get active and recruit others to sign the petition and get them to have others sign it right away.

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